Dark hair, brown eyes, beautiful curves, and a sensual pouting mouth. Our Elite Lady Tatiana embodies everything that gentlemen love about women. The self-confident social education worker is already looking forward to pampering you with her escort service.

Age: 23
Ethnicity: Italian / Polish
Location: Toronto, Canada
Height: 174cm / Weight: 112lbs
Bust: 34C
Eyes: Brown / Hair: Brunette
Availability: Local & International
Languages: English / French / Polish /

As a lover, the model Tatiana shows her playful, self-confident, sensual, and open-minded side. She makes every effort to please the man by her side. Tatiana draws her satisfaction and desire for the love game from the classic division of roles between man and woman.


1 Review for “Tatiana”

Overall Rating: 5

    Tatiana was wonderful! arrived on time as promised fully compliant with our requests as my girlfriend is really into girls.
    We spent 12 hours with Tatiana and the agency was very attentive and even sent us a bottle on the house. Love this agency.

    -Nick & Katie

    By: nickmercy | 5 months ago

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